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Are My Medical Bills Worth The Fight?

In this article, you will discover:

  • How experienced attorneys avoid the power struggle.
  • Why the number of attorneys at trial don’t affect the outcome.

Is It Worth Fighting A Large Trucking Company’s Powerful Insurance Company To Pay My Medical Bills For My Serious Injuries?

It is worth fighting the trucking company’s insurance company—they’re not that powerful. They’re going to fight a little, but the facts are the facts. If we’re right, we’re right. If you got hit, you got hit. If your injuries were caused by the accident, your injuries were caused by the accident. There’s often not that much of a fight—it’s more procedural.

With a smooth case, there is a lot of discussion between the attorneys. There isn’t any power struggle going on—it’s just a matter of fairness. The other attorney realizes that if they don’t offer higher, we’re going to trial, and we’re going to win because of the facts. We’re probably going to win more than they’re offering. The insurance company’s adjusters and attorneys care about one thing, saving the company’s money. If going to trial could cost them more, they will make higher offers.

We must first figure out with the client at what point the offer is good enough. When do we say we’re probably better off taking this offer than going to trial and risking getting less? So, we identify a number, and if they meet it, we take it and go.

The insurance company might have more money than we do but is that power? If we go to trial, the jury or judge will hear the facts and base their decision on the facts; not on how many attorneys there are or how much money is available to pay each attorney. That doesn’t matter. It’s going to be about the facts and your credibility as a testifying witness.

Is it worth fighting the insurance company? Only if you care about the outcome of the case. Only if you care about getting physically better. Only if you care about getting money to pay for your lost wages, medical bills, loss of enjoyment, and pain and suffering. If you don’t care about that, then no, it’s not worth fighting anything.

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