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Client Testimonials

“The first and last traffic attorney you’ll ever need! I have sought out Jason’s help for two serious moving violations that occurred a year apart. In both cases, Jason was able to swiftly dismiss the charges! Thus saving me from the nonsense insurance premiums that would have undoubtedly fallen upon me without Jason’s help. It would behoove you to get Jason’s help before going to court!”Victor G.

“Is very organized and patient with customers. Makes sure you are aware of all your options.”Eduardo S.

“The best Attorney!!!
My husband lost his job 2 weeks ago, the company couldn’t accept him anymore because of the insurance who is not accepting drivers that have more than 2 tickets on his CDL record. Mr. Perash reacted fast after we spoke with him, we explained to him our situation and he was very responsive at everything. He did a great job, reopened our case so fast that within 2 weeks he cleaned my husband’s CDL record. If we could use his services for all 48 states we would hire him without a doubt. He was so dedicated, responded to all my calls, and kept us in touch every time that he was doing something for our case!!! Recommend a million times his service!”Cojocar C.

“Provided a professional consultation which helped my company deal with a towing situation in Hagerstown, MD.”Kris

“Outstanding service, and commitment to securing the best outcome when I needed it most. Mr. Perash is my go-to when I need any legal advice or counsel.”Sean

“I was referred Jason by TVC. He is very knowledgeable and persistent with my defense. He was able to get all my charges and tickets dismissed. I would recommend him for legal counsel any day.”Justin

“I found Mr. Perash to be very patient as I tend to ramble on. He has a positive attitude and a professional yet compassionate manner. He gives me hope that things will work out.”Evelyn

“Jason did a great job for me!! My case was complicated because I live in Minnesota, and the case was in an MD.court. I contacted Jason on the recommendation of my case when my previous attorney can’t handle it. After the initial contact, and consult, Jason took our case. He gave recommendations and advised me as to the legal direction he thought would make sense. I followed his advice, and had the outcome we hoped for! Jason was professional and timely in communicating with me. His advice was straightforward and spot-on! Based on my experience, I would highly recommend Jason. He is a great man and wise man I appreciate him a lot his service and I am saying Jason thank you so much a thousand times.”Rashid H.

“I hired Jason because I was stopped by an officer and was given a speeding ticket, Jason had a trial and successfully defended me I was found not guilty as a result of the not guilty decision, I didn’t have to pay a fine. Jason kept my driving records clean. Thanks, Jason.”Monica

“I contacted Off the Record and received a call back from Mr. Perash within a day. He was very patient with all my questions and concerns and was thorough in helping me understand the process. He kept me informed of the happenings with my case as results became available. He is quick with responding back via emails.”Milton

“He helped me with my car accident and paid all my medical expenses, he is a well-recommended lawyer, thanks to him I got everything fixed legally. The settlement was a lot larger than I expected, and he was friendly and knowledgeable.”Marvelis

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