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Attorney Endorsements

“I have known and worked with Jason for years now. He is a Top-Notch Attorney. He is always professional and compassionate with his clients. Jason’s knowledge, when it comes to the law, is superb. I often find that when asking for Jason’s legal opinion on matters, he is quick to respond but also is incredibly accurate in his answers. You could not go wrong hiring Jason, his courtroom presence makes you feel like you hired a winner!”Ryan S.

“I endorse this lawyer.”Joshua B.

“I endorse this lawyer.”Travis S.

“I endorse this lawyer.”Anthony C.

“I endorse this lawyer. Caring and knowledgeable.”Florian T.

“I endorse this lawyer.”Jason D., Car Accident Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer for his professionalism and his skill. He is no stranger to the courtroom, and consistently gets great results for his clients.”Windy O., Criminal Defense Attorney

“I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Perash on a time-sensitive matter that involved courts of multiple states. He was very prompt, pleasant, and professional. Thanks to his efforts we were able to quickly and easily resolve the client’s dilemma and have the matter dismissed. If I had a client in need of representation in Maryland I would not hesitate to recommend him.”Robert M., Criminal Defense Attorney

“Mr. Perash has an excellent understanding of the work required to properly represent his clients. He cares about providing his clients the best service and representation that he can. I would confidently refer a prospective client to him.”John B.

“I endorse this lawyer. I had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Perash about an area of law in which I do not have a lot of experience. Fortunately, Mr. Perash is very experienced in this area and was willing to speak with me and help me understand what I needed to do to be successful for my client. His willingness to help out a fellow attorney speaks volume about his level of professionalism and character.”Joshua O., Transportation Attorney

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