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Traffic Violations

Traffic ViolationsWhen ticketed for a traffic violation, many people pay the ticket and forget about the matter without a second thought. However, many tickets can be quickly challenged and thrown out with only minimal effort. You most likely will not even have to appear in court. Why simply accept the fine and possible negative impact in your driving history when other, often cheaper, options are available?

A common misconception surrounding hiring an attorney is that they cost an arm and a leg and will bill for as much frivolous time as possible, causing you to spend more money than you would have by paying the ticket. However, Traffic Violations Lawyers often have simple programs to fight tickets and other violations that are very beneficial to potential clients. A predictable formula can be established by establishing fixed prices upfront and using experience from countless previous traffic cases. This means that not only can you find confidence in the ability to win your case but also in the rational nature of the price you agree on with your Traffic Offense Attorney.

Building up points on your license, being obligated to attend traffic courses, and the burden of the fine associated with the ticket makes it clear that if penalties can be avoided, they should be at all costs. While every situation is different and cases are reliant on your unique circumstances, we at The Law Office of Jason Perash LLC are confident we can assist you. Call one of our four offices in Maryland today to discuss your potential case and receive advice from our expert team of Traffic Tickets Lawyers.

95% Of Traffic Tickets Are Paid And Forgotten About

Points are often assigned, the officer doesn’t have to go to court to testify, and one’s right to question the officer’s recollection of events is waived. This is especially true for drivers who had an alleged traffic violation while in Maryland, but reside in another state.

Did you know that you don’t have to appear in court for most simple traffic tickets, even if you live out-of-state? And, if you want to appear, wouldn’t you rather have an experienced attorney go with you? In many cases, I’ve been able to successfully ask the judge for a lesser fine and no points; sometimes, the case is dismissed entirely!

Although people may have personal reasons for fighting a ticket, the most worthwhile reason is to save points on your driver’s license. Even if you have no points now, if you don’t fight your current ticket, you may be a ticket or two away from a high accumulation of points. Many states have agreements with other states where points from state A show up on the license of a driver from state B. Points can lead to higher insurance rates. If you get too many points, your license will be suspended.

Hiring an attorney to fight your traffic ticket can be a smart investment. You can help keep insurance rates low and your license valid. Generally, a ticket must be answered within 30 days of being issued. If you plan to fight your ticket, do not pay it because the courts will accept your payment as a Guilty plea and assign your driving record the points associated with the citation(s). Maryland no longer issues a hearing date automatically; one must be requested.

I can handle the entire process for you. You have to do only one thing “Call me”.

Here is what I NEED from you:

  • The citation number(s)
  • The date you got the citation

Here is what would be helpful:

  • The original copy of the citation
  • A copy of your driver history

Beware: drivers often confuse a waiver hearing with a trial, and check the box that is not advantageous. Call this office to hire an attorney who knows the difference, will explain it to you, and send the court the proper forms on your behalf.

The Law Office of Jason Perash, LLC can handle any type of traffic case, regardless of what you were charged with. You will have direct access to an attorney who will take the time to listen to your concerns and explain all options while charging reasonable rates.

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