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Fighting Speeding Tickets And License Suspension In PG County

In this article, you will discover:

  • The best option for fighting a speeding ticket in Maryland.
  • Common reasons for license suspension.
  • What ticket in Maryland carries potential jail time.

I Received A Speeding Ticket Recently In PG County. What Are My Options?

They are two simple options if you get a speeding ticket in Maryland. You can pay it or request a waiver hearing. If you pay the ticket, when the clerk receives your check, they accept that as a guilty plea. You get convicted, and you get the points. That’s it. It’s all over with.

If you request a waiver hearing, you go to court. There’s no cop there. You simply tell a judge why you were speeding, and they might lower the speed. They might give you probation before judgment, meaning no conviction and no points. You probably won’t get a not guilty verdict, though. This isn’t a trial. There isn’t a cop to testify. You’re basically saying, hey, your Honor. I did it. I’m sorry. Give me a break.

There is a third option, which is your best option. Plead not guilty. I will first ask the officer what happened to gauge what evidence he has against you. If he has evidence he can prove, I won’t plead not guilty at trial. Instead, I negotiate for an amended charge, down to a different charge completely or a reduced speed. If the officer indicates he doesn’t have your file and isn’t sure what happened, I plead not guilty. I know he can’t prove his case to a judge. This doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. Also, if the officer doesn’t show up to court, the charge usually gets dismissed.

Usually, they’re okay with the charge being amended to a different one. In that case, I’ll tell the judge and, hopefully, they’ll be okay with it as well. Then we’ll plead to an amended charge to save you a conviction for a higher charge.

My License Is Suspended. Can You Help Me?

The first thing I do to help a client with a suspended license is figure out why you are suspended. There are many reasons you can have a suspended license, most of which can be fixed:

  • Unpaid fines
  • Point total
  • Refusal of DUI breath test or blood draw
  • DUI finding at an MVA hearing
  • Missed child support payments
  • Not responding to a citation
  • Nonpayment of court fees

There are many reasons for you to be suspended, many of which I can help fix so you will not be suspended or to get a suspension lifted. I’ve been helping clients with these for years.

I Was Ticketed For Not Having Insurance, But I Have Insurance Now. Is There A Way For Me To Avoid Having My Driver’s License Suspended?

License suspension for failure to have insurance is not really the issue here; having a charge for a jailable offense is. In theory, a judge could sentence you to jail for not having insurance. It doesn’t usually happen—but it can.

If you get charged without having insurance, you need to call an attorney, like me, who has handled these things for years. You want an attorney who knows how to present the case to a prosecutor to get you out of it as cleanly as possible. In all the no insurance cases I’ve had, I’ve never had a person go to jail when I’ve handled the case.

I’ve Received A Traffic Ticket While Driving Through Maryland, But I Don’t Live Or Work There. Do I Have Options?

There is no difference between getting a ticket in Maryland for residents versus non-residents. You still have the same options:

  • Pay the ticket
  • Request a waiver hearing
  • Request a trial

If you pay the ticket, you get the points and a conviction. That’s it in your home state. If you hire an attorney, like me, to request a trial for you, you don’t have to come back to Maryland. I can handle it for you. Nowadays, a lot is being heard by Zoom, so you can probably attend by Zoom with me if you want.

If the ticket it’s a payable citation, like speeding, you can pay them. If jail-able, you have to go to jail. Jail-able would be for DUI, suspended license, no insurance, hit-and-run, etc.

If you get a payable ticket, like speeding, you don’t have to have any involvement with the process at all. You can have an attorney do the whole thing for you. You don’t have to go to court or go on Zoom. If this is the case, I would either try to get the charge amended, have a trial, or go for probation before a judgment.

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