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Calling The Police After An Accident, Regardless Of The Damage And Injury

In this article, you will learn:

  • How the police can help after an accident
  • Alternative options if you were at fault for an accident

On the legal side of things, you must document what happened, who’s involved, and things like that. On the injury side, you need to get medical care. On the question of always calling the police, I would, because they’re going to help document. The biggest thing you need on the legal side of things is the other driver’s information. What’s best for me is that the client can take a picture of the other driver’s license and their insurance card. If they have a card, try to get that, but take what you can because one of the first things I would do upon you calling me would be to send a letter of representation to the other driver’s insurance company to let them know what is about to occur.

Additionally, sometimes we need the officer to come in and testify about what they saw at the scene of an accident. If they don’t come out quickly enough, then at least on your own, begin to take pictures of what I mentioned, take pictures of the scene of both cars, and if they drive away, still take pictures the best you can before they drive away and as they drive away.

How It Can Affect A Personal Injury Case If Either Party Was Ticketed

It doesn’t help your case if you were ticketed because the officer found you to be at fault for something. The problem with that, is that if the officer didn’t witness you doing something wrong and tickets you anyway, then his ticket doesn’t carry as much weight. If he tickets you for an improper lane change, because he witnessed it and then there was an accident, that’s really going to look bad because he can testify for the defense.

However, I will say it is pretty rare to have a case where my client was ticketed and we still recovered money in the end. It probably has happened, but I can’t recall the last time we did. Still, I would still like to hear from that person anyway, we’ll talk about it further and see if we can salvage anything. I should add that even if you’re ticketed, even if you’re at fault, I can still help you. I would not take you on as a client for a personal injury case, but what I would do is help you open up a PIP (Personal Injury Protection) claim with your own insurance company assuming that you did not waive a PIP policy. If you’re injured we can still get you treatment, and your own PIP policy will pay for your medical care up to your PIP limit, which is usually $2,500. It can be higher, and that is a no fault insurance policy that you pay for yourself so that your medical bills are paid for up to your policy limit even if you are at fault.
I charge no fee for that, I just do it as a courtesy, but I would not have an attorney-client relationship with that person because I can’t help them past opening up a PIP claim because they evidently were at fault.

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