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  • Who can benefit from this book
  • Common misconceptions surrounding personal injury claims

Starting almost ten years ago, which would have been about 2012, I began taking personal injury cases, and I learned a lot of the intricacies and became very good at it pretty quickly. I have experience in settling cases before suit, after a suit, going to a bench trial in district court, and going to a jury trial in circuit court. I’ve done then multiple times, and I’ve done them successfully. Consistently, I’ve helped our clients from beginning to end, and I’ve been there to get them the resources and assistance they need to get through every step of the process.

Who Can Benefit From This Book

I meant to write the book to help educate potential clients as far as the ways that I can assist them. I think that other attorneys handle things in different ways, at least that’s the feedback that I’ve been given for any practice area. Still, I want to tell clients how I do things, and why they may be better off going through me than through a large firm that has dozens of attorneys, that are being hired, quitting, and transferring frequently. But this way, it’s pretty much all through me, and you deal with me the whole time. You can text me, you can email me, and it’s going right to me; not to an assistant or somebody who just graduated law school three months ago. The trial attorney himself is the one that you’re going to communicate with in most instances. So, I wanted to educate people about how I would do things, and also what the process would be to help them be comfortable with knowing that having an attorney is not only okay, it’s also very smart, both for your physical health and for your case’s value.

Common Questions And Misconceptions Surrounding Auto Accident Claims

The first thing is that the claim with the insurance company not a claim in court. So I’ll focus on a claim with the insurance company. I think the biggest misconception that I find is that they expect that they have to pay money to me out of their pocket right now. That’s not true. I have never taken a penny from a client for any work regarding a personal injury case. That’s because I get paid at the end through the check from the insurance company, which could be a ways down the road, but it’s not going to cost the client anything upfront. Also, in the unlikely chance that we recover nothing at all, which is rare but it does happen, in that case, whatever money I spent on the case to file it or any other expenses, I lost; the client still owes me nothing. Many times, the client can’t afford to handle the case, which is fine. They don’t need to be able to afford to.

They also think that they’re going to get a check next week, or some time very quickly. I would like for it to be that way because that would be great, but it’s not the case. The reason for that is you must have either medical bills or medical records to be able to show an insurance company the damages, because if you’re going to go after the insurance company, either pre-suit or in suit for negligence, you have to have damages or else you don’t have negligence. What are damages? Well, it could be a medical bill, it could be an injury, it could be lost wages, it could be anything like that. Still, if you simply get hit by somebody, there’s no damage to your car, there’s no loss of wages, there’s no pain, there’s no medical bills, you don’t really have any damages, at least nothing substantial to make a claim out of. There are always exceptions, but typically, that would be true.

So, I think the shortest time you’re going to realistically face between an accident and finishing up medical care is probably about a month, and that’s on the very short end. Typically, it’s two or three months, and sometimes it’s far more than that depending on the case. After you’re done, I would have to get the bills on record if you went to more than one place to give them to the adjuster and start to negotiate. Then, if negotiations don’t go well, we can file a suit, and then hopefully they’ll settle with us for a bigger and better number. So, it’s going to be a few months at a minimum, typically, but it won’t be as quick as some clients want it to be. I don’t look at the cases as a way to simply get a client a quick check. I’m not a bank, I’m trying to validly help an injury get treated. When I say that, a valid injury can be a sore neck or a sore back. It doesn’t have to be a catastrophic injury; it’s just an honest-to-god actual injury such as a sprain or a strain to be good enough. So, the second misconception would be the amount of time that would go by before they can get a reasonable check from an insurance company.

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