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Safe Information To Share With The Hospital

In this article, you will learn:

  • The information to share with your medical provider
  • Which medical providers are available to choose
  • Why it is crucial to follow the doctor’s orders

Tell the medical provider exactly what happened so they can understand the forces that were exerted upon your body, and then talk about what you felt. You could also mention whether or not you had any pains like that before the accident, because let’s say you just had knee surgery two days ago and your knee was feeling one way, now it’s been re-aggravated, and it feels even worse. Well, they might want to know that you had knee surgery two days ago, so tell them that.

You just want to be honest and tell them what I just mentioned. As far as the other side, can anything you say be used against you by the insurance companies? Absolutely. You must think of talking to a doctor as making a speech to or an insurance adjuster or to an insurance defense doctor, because whatever the doctor writes down becomes part of your medical records. Rest assured, every adjuster, and every judge will want to see your medical records, including what the medical provider said that you said. Because of that, be careful of what you say because it will be used against you if it’s possible to help the defense’s case to show that you were not really that severely injured.

Your Ability To Choose Your Providers For Medical Care For Ongoing Treatment

This is not some type of insurance plan with Blue Cross or somewhere where you can always see certain providers, that’s not true at all. If you have your own providers already that you want to see for certain things, that is no problem at all. Go ahead and treat. You can use health insurance, put it on a lien, or whatever you want to do. Often, in fact almost every time, clients need my referral for at least one provider if not most of them, and that typically begins with the chiropractor. I know a bunch of them in the area, they don’t charge upfront, they will not charge you every week out-of-pocket, and they understand that this is not your fault and that you should not have to be paying out-of-pocket for this. You can choose anybody you want, either my recommendations or your own.

The Importance Of Following The Treating Doctor’s Orders, Not Missing Appointments, And Completing Any Prescribed Treatments For Injuries

If you’re trying to get better, which is the name of the game here, the doctor probably knows best, and following their orders is going to give you the best chance to recover. Missing appointments will delay your recovery, and it’s also going to look bad to an adjuster, and possibly to a judge, jury, or a defense expert that you missed appointments because it shows that maybe you weren’t hurt that badly. It might appear as maybe you didn’t take your case or your care that seriously.

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