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The Benefits Of Keeping A Pain And Healing Diary

In this article, you will learn:

  • The function of a demand package
  • The statute of limitation in Maryland
  • What to expect when filing a personal injury claim

I ask clients to keep pain and healing journals. They don’t always do it, but I encourage them to keep a diary of what they’re feeling. Once you feel better, you’re going to forget what happened four months ago. But if you record it every day, that’s helpful, and we can help use that with an adjuster, judge, or a jury to get you proper compensation for pain and suffering because you can read from it as to what you felt each day, which is powerful. A trial is largely about taking a judge or a jury back in time with you on a journey to make them relive what happened right there with you, and that journal would help through that.

How Long You Have To File Your Personal Injury Claim In Maryland

Three years is the general rule, but I’d have to distinguish a claim from a lawsuit. If we contact an insurance company two years and 340 days or so after the accident, that’s not too smart because you only have two weeks left to file a claim in court if you need to. But generally, the answer is three years. There is a three-year statute of limitations in Maryland for personal injury claims. However, we try to file a suit far before that. Typically, my benchmark is once you’re done treating and I have all the bills and records in and I submit that to the adjuster and they make an offensive offer, at that point, I call the client and say “Look, I think this is not going to go that far right now, can I have your permission to file a suit” and every time they say, “Yes, whatever you think we should do, let’s do that”, so then I file a suit. However, we file a suit based on the facts of that case.

What To Expect After A Personal Injury Claim Is Filed Up To The Point Where The Insurance Company Makes An Offer

Once all the medical bills and records are in my, I would give that to the adjuster of the other driver to review. And they’ll look it over, they might make some reductions on bills because they think it’s not related to the accident, but then they’ll make me an offer. It’s an opening offer, and I guarantee you it’s not their highest offer. Then I’ll relate to you what that is, and I’ll typically have in mind a case value where I think your case should be at. If we can’t get there, then we go back and forth with the adjuster, and sometimes we get them up to a fair number without filing it. But if not, then we file a suit. The adjuster will stay the same probably, but then they’ll assign an attorney, which becomes the attorney, myself, and the adjuster all working on it, and I become the voice of my client.

It’s called a demand package, in which you demand X amount. I would give that package to the adjuster, and then they would review it and then get back to me with an offer based on their review of it.

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