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Drug Charge Defense In Maryland

In this article, you will discover:

  • The most common defense used for drug charges in Maryland.
  • How lack of credibility can work in your favor.

What Are The Potential Defenses For Drug Charges In Maryland?

The most obvious defense for drug charges is that you were not in possession of drugs—it’s something else that’s legal. If you have a bag of crushed white powder, what is that? Is it Aspirin? We don’t have illegal drugs here. We have something that’s legal.

The second common defense is that they have the wrong witness, or they charged the wrong person. Maybe they saw somebody that kind of fit their description, but it wasn’t you. That could be a defense.

There could also be an issue with the statute of limitations or jurisdiction. Maybe the state is charging you way too long after the statute ran out. Maybe you’re charged in PG County, but the offense occurred in a different county. These could be defenses.

Someone’s lack of credibility can work in your favor. You could have an officer who has admitted to lying or tampering with evidence. This has happened recently in Maryland. The officer’s credibility is questioned based on their misconduct in prior cases. Perhaps the informant or the witness for the state is not reliable.

There are various defenses available to you. Some are not obvious to people on their own. This is why you have an attorney to look for these things to help you out.

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